A Midwest girl by chance (Ohio) I'm an East Coast girl by choice (Rhode Island via New York) and a product of the 1970’s. Photography was my first professional creative outlet and I rather stumbled into quilt design. Like so many others, I'm completely hooked. Although I'm largely self-taught at the sewing machine, another stint as a professional picture framer ingrained the need for precision and care of materials - tools that translate nicely to my current work. Measure twice, cut once is a very good rule to live by. That, and the Golden Rule of course.

     After many years producing hand-coated, platinum-based prints, where work was finished behind glass, it's a joy to be creating things meant to be touched and used for warmth, as well as visual pleasure.  Form with function, perhaps.

     Each quilt and pillow cover is cut and pieced individually, using only top-quality cotton fabric, thread and batting. I favor straight forward, straight lines of quilting stitches, hopefully further imbuing the work with a sense of utility. Work is washed and dried (conventional machines; gentle, cold and low) before leaving the shop and although constructed to stand up to everyday use, can be made ready to hang. A gentle brush vacuum will keep the pieces tidy between washings.

     All designs are original and copyright protected. Images may not be used without prior consent.

    Although designs may be repeated, no two pieces are exactly alike and most designs lend themselves to customization.